About Us

Celebrating influences from desert rock to ambient to metal to jazz, Pacific Northwest band Project B aims to bring surprising and at times somewhat odd music.  It's going to be a fun ride.


  • Greg Dalcher - Guitars, keyboards & piano, bass (when noted), drum programming
  • Tony Gaglio - Bass
  • Ron Hurst - Drums
  • Kyle English - Vocals
Greg Dalcher

By day a Principal Research Engineer with over 50 issued patents, working in the security industry.  By night, oh wait, that first bit goes into the night too.  So even later at night, a songwriter and musician, and game developer.  On that note, Open Space Mayhem (O.S.M.), a 3d space game set in a massive open universe, is now available in alpha release:  openspacemayhem.com

Tony Gaglio

About Tony... 

Born at a very young age, Tony grew quickly at first , slowing to a complete halt by age 18. His hair grew long, then was cut shorter only to grow longer again, continuing this cycle in what seems an endless loop. Tony is often asked where the ideas for his guitar solos come from... "Really, my guitar solos are almost completely inspired by my obsession with this hair growth phenomenon and I alternate between thinking of it and a good soppressetta and provolone sandwich when on stage. That is the secret. Try it." 

For more about Tony, see his website at:  http://www.tonygaglioguitar.com/

Kyle English

Kyle is a model and actor, known for mostly for his roles and stunt work on the TV show Leverage, and as Dan Luckabee in the feature musical Clowns DC. He is in several upcoming projects including feature films One Of My Kings, and Deadlocked (2016).

For more info on Kyle, see his IMDB page at: